How To Join  is a  irc server created and operated by BBS users

You won't see any big egos,  arguing or misbehaving here.  We're all friends who share like interests.
We have a strict set of rules that we abide by; and everyone is held accountable.

You can catch us on  or if you prefer SSL, on port 6669

Step 1. Logon now via the web chat client

OR get an IRC client.

    Recommended Windows Clients:

    Recommended *nix Clients:

    Recommended Mac Clients:

*Pidgin is not recommended above any other IRC client.

Step 2. Join the IRC server.

Once you have your IRC client, use the following commands to get connected to the server:

  • /server To connect without SSL encryption.
  • /server +6699 To connect with SSL encryption.
  • /join #channel Where #channel can be any channel that is listed in the IRC Channels section below.

Step 3. Getting comfortable.

There are several basic commands that can help you customize your IRC experience:

  • /nick nickname Where nickname can be any name you'd like to go by (Cannot contain spaces or special characters).
  • /msg nickserv register password email You can register your nickname to prevent it from being used by someone other than yourself. Once you have registered, you will recieve an email asking you to verify your account (Make sure to use a valid email address).
  • /msg nickserv identify password Use this command to identify for the nick you previously registered when you return to the IRC network.

Step 4. Being secure. has SSL on port 6669. If you are running the XChat IRC client, you must check the option "Allow invalid SSL Certificates" as uses its own certificate authority.

IRC Servers

  • : Central Hub

IRC Channels

Official Channels:

  • #BBS -- Main network community channel.
  • #Help -- IRC help and support.
  • #TEST -- For bot development and testing. No malicious bots!
  • #TRIVIA -- Trivia Bots
  • #CHAT -- Generic Chat Channel

Community Channels:

*To get your channel listed here, please contact a Staff member. Staff

  • mro - Network Administrator / Server Admin
  • Mikeredd - Network Administrator / Server Admin 
  • Michrech - Senior Operator [Daytime]
  • Lux - Operator
  • [_miT_] - Likes 'Sublime with Rome' even though they sound crappy.
  • T1ny - Operator [Daytime]
  • erg - Customer Support
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